There are at least four artists with the name Priest:

1. Priest is a Swedish band described as 'a synth band that creates music rooted in the vastness of electronic dreams. The goal of their multifaceted prophecy is to safely guide humanity unto the next evolutionary step – the merging with machines.' Official Facebook Page

2. Synth-pop Priest was formerly known as x Priest x. An 80s style synth-pop collaborative effort between vocalist Madeline Priest and producers Dave Kazyk and Chandler Strang (of Saskatchewan fame – an indie act out of Florida well worth a listen), x PRIEST x takes the lo-fi goodness of Grimes and blends it with the cold synths of Zola Jesus.

3. Priest is a Heavy metal band from Toronto, Ontario Canada, Formed in 2012.

4. Priest aka Priest Da Nomad is a rapper from Detroit, Michigan.

As a New York City underground artist, Priest was born in raised in Detroit and Metropolitan Detroit, and began sharpening his craft at the age of 13. Overtime, and despite the ever-changing current of music, Priest established his creative properties with his storytelling abilities and poetic narratives through observant eyes. At age 24, he moved to New York to "get the hell out of Michigan. It's not that I don't love Detroit, I just love it for what it was, for what it means historically. Detroit got worse and worse, really. It's a empty, hollowed-out version of itself. I was in a position where I couldn't survive or pursue to music, and I had the opportunity so I left."

Drawing a large amount of his inspiration lyrically from Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye, Priest's lyrical content encompasses tones of urban commentary, social dialogue and ironic circumstances of everyday life. In essence, Priest is a realist who documents life in his purest form: uninhibited and unrestrained.

Priest's approach, as he describes it, "depends on the mood of what it is I'm doing. Depending on the emotion of the track, or how I feel about the specific direction, I switch my sh*t up accordingly."

His lyrical style, he expressed is "multi-layered, multi-rhythmic, multi-syllabic. I love words, and when you string them together in a certain way and still hold true to the premise of the track, it sounds amazing. It's not just what you're saying, it's how you say it. Your rhyme pattern is a second instrument. It's a verbal melody. Your sh*t has to be tight and flow right, otherwise it's a ridiculous heap of f*cking noise. Lyrics and flow matter, the ability to rhyme matters. If you refer to yourself as a non-lyrical rapper, then you're not a rapper...

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