Total Annihilation

There are at least 3 bands by the name Total Annihilation
One is a Thrash Metal band from Basel, Switzerland. So far they have released one demo in 2007 and an EP in 2008. They also appeared on the V/A compilation "Heavy Metal Nation IV" in 2008, featuring the track "Rape Humanity".

The second is an Oi! band from Denver, Colorado.
Actualy the Oi! band from Denver is the FIRST band to have the name Total Annihilation.
There is also another crappy punk band from cali with the same name but the origial TA have been around since 1999.
They are currently on 4subculture records from the Czech Republic.

The third were a collection of avant-garde post folk-rock experimentalists from the Highlands of Scotland, well known for their local hit Legs Falling Off and their friendship with Cannich man Neil McAdams.

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Angekündigte Events

Saturday 29. May 2021 - Messiah, Fleshcrawl, Total Annihilation KiFF, Aarau


Daniel Altwegg - Vocals
Fernando Ortega - Guitar
Tizian Blanc - Drums
Nicolas Stelz - Guitar
Ralph Kissling - Bass


Gründungsjahr: 2006

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