Started making music back in 2006. Started off making mixtape and producing instrumentals but after third mixtape made over 1,000 downloads Evan Dropping small EP's and still doing mixtapes,Malphas met up with K-dogg and started Murder Mass Records. After few years,jail time,rehab time, and fall backs Murder Mass Records is now up and going. Consisting of Malphas,Crucifix Doom,Tha Undadwellaz, Lil D Town,And Traceless the Faceless killA. Malphas has released 7 EP's and 1 LP. The LP Maniac Academy has sold over 400 copies and still rising. Working on The Malphas Which is second part of Maniac Academy is set to release late 2012.

Malphas is also a Black Metal project from Canton Michigan. All instruments and vocals are done by Lord Moloch. The self titled single is out now for free download, progress on the debut EP "Infernal Litany of Chaos" is going well and it will be released soon.

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Samstag, 01. April 2023
Dynamo (Werk21) Zürich
Donnerstag, 06. April 2023
The Bruch Brothers Luzern
Sonntag, 16. April 2023
Malibu Bern