8005 Zürich

Moods Jazzclub Moods organizes great live concerts and parties for countless visitors from Switzerland and abroad. Ranging between Jazz, funk, soul, blues, electro or world – the audience knows it will always get to see and hear top-class musicians, whether they are one of the big international names or an exciting local discovery. As a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting Jazz activities in Zurich, Switzerland and all over the world, Moods provides an essential perspective on Swiss and international music with over 350 concerts annually, through which a variety of Jazz, world and more styles can be enjoyed. Located in the Schiffbau, the Moods Jazz Club is in an ideal location in the midst of Zurich’s pulsing 5th District. In addition, there is a stylish bar where musicians and fans alike chat and debate well into the night. Since its beginning 25 year ago, Moods has developed into one of Zurich’s largest and most important cultural venues. At the same time, the venue has become one of Europe’s prominent Jazz clubs and enjoys a well-deserved global reputation amongst musicians and critics alike. Moods Digital Concert Club During summer 2016, Moods was renovated and equipped to be the first club in the world able to broadcast and stream the concerts in high definition with its own subscription video live-and-on-demand web platform. The facility features 10 full HD mobile cameras plus state-of-the-art broadcast studio. In March 2017 began documenting every possible show at Moods. The platform opens on September 8th with already 50 recorded and prepared shows and will add new concerts every week, reaching more than 250 broadcasted shows per year. Music fans from all over the world can watch the live broadcast concerts either «live» or «on demand», through a subscription system. Subscribers choose when and where to watch Moods concerts on their mobile, computer, Roku, or Apple TV devices. The idea is to document the music created at Moods each possible night and create an additional revenue stream for the artists. We hope with this project that the music on this platform will be studied and enjoyed by people of open minds all over the world, and we dedicate this site as a resource for musicians and fans to discover each other’s work and to share ideas. In a world where it’s getting more and more difficult for musicians to generate income from the recording industry, through this initiative Moods wants to create a very fair revenue-sharing system by offering artists 70/30 partnership in the revenues from subscriptions, with all costs covered by Moods. The revenue portion of Moods’ 30% will be used for online studio operating expenses. Additionally, by sharing its extensive catalog with a worldwide network of affiliate platforms, TV and radio stations, universities and public viewers, Moods looks forward to introducing Jazz and a great variety of original sounds to new audiences of music lovers. Along with the ever-growing popularity of Jazz, its many fans all around the world can now experience – live or on-demand, on our new platform launching September 8th, 2017 – the concerts happening throughout the year at one of the most famous clubs in the world, just as fans of classical music have enjoyed with the Digital Broadcast Hall of the Berlin Philharmonic. Moods Digital Concert Club represents the world's first concert venue with its own full-HD online broadcast channel, presenting internationally known artists as well as the young talents reflecting the future and multifaceted aspects of Jazz, world music, and high-quality innovative expressions.