King Zebra

It all started 2009. Chip Leather (guitarist) and Sacks Luther (ex-drummer) thought about breathing new life into the Swiss Rock’n’Roll scene. As a two-man band the project was never thought to leave the walls of the studio. The first song recorded was called „Glamrock City“ and caught on. Sack and Chip decided to form a live band.
The hunt for a bass player and especially for a singer was hard and it took a long time to get it on. Finally it was 2012 which the band sees as its year of establishment. At this time it was Chip Leather (guitarist), Sacks Luther (drummer), Michael Mother (bass player) and Tom Hoochy Coo (singer) which called themselves „King Zebra“.
After lots of shows at the year of establishment the band recorded their debut album 2013 and published it known as „Greatest Hits“. After the release show drummer Sacks Luther left the band. Maxx Lexx replaced him immediately.
2015 the band recorded their second album „Wild! Wild! Wild!“ which has been released on October 31st in Zurich. The album was produced by Jerry Rubin who joined the band as rhythm guitarist. King Zebra’s genre is Hair Metal, Hard Rock and they’re influenced by the bands from the 80s.

Angekündigte Events

Freitag, 31. Mai 2024
Dynamo (Grosser Saal) Zürich
Samstag, 02. November 2024
OldCapitol Langenthal