Orden Ogan

The fantasy-power-metal band Orden Ogan was founded by Sebastian Grütling (drums) and Sebastian Levermann (vocals, guitar) in 1996.
They released two demos called "Into Oblivion" and "Anthem to the Dark Side" in 1997 and 98 and a year later they recorded their first self- financed and self- produced full-length "Soli Deo Gloria". In 2004 the second album "Testimonium A.D.", also self- financed, followed and despite not being full-time musicians, the band invested all time they had and managed to nail record deals for Germany, Brazil, Sweden, the UK, Switzerland and Austria.

Current band members are:
Sebastian Levermann (vocasl, guitar)
Sebastian Grütling (drums)
Nils Weise (vocals, keyboard)
Tobis Kersting (guitar)

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Angekündigte Events

Tuesday 13. April 2021 - Orden Ogan, Brothers Of Metal, Wind Rose Z7 Konzertfabrik, Pratteln

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