Unlight consists, since last line-up-change, of four firm bandmembers from Germany and Switzerland.

After the band Servants Of Darkness split up in 1997, Blaspherion (g/v) and the drummer started to search for members to build up a new band. They met Necron (g) and he was filled with enthusiasm to join Unlight. That time the bassguitar was played by Lord Azagthot Chaaos for the first months of Unlight's existence. But unfortunately he left the band. So Tartaros filled the gap and became a member of Unlight. The second line-up-change opened up as the first drummer of Unlight developed in a musical direction, which made it impossible to work any longer with him.

At that time the band The Foreshadowing, in which Blaspherion used to play for a few months, split up. The drummer Lord Grond of The Foreshadowing joined Unlight and the basic formation was completed again. The keyboard/synth was first played by Hekate. After some disagreements and because of lack of time she left Unlight in May 2000. Unlight completed some gigs without keyboards and was even as a "traditional" Black Metal band successful, before in Novembre 2000 Lamia was taken into the crew.

After the underground-success in Switzerland and southern Germany with the Demo-CD "Des Baphomets Rückkehr", recorded and released in 1999, Unlight appeared as the supportband of bands such like Agathodaimon, Ancient or Belphegor. The new Mini-CD with over 30 minutes absolute playing time was recorded in January 2003 in Freiburg (Germany). It contains six songs created during the last few years.

Now, in the beginning of the year 2004, UNLIGHT had to split up with Lamia because of certain personal reasons after some successful years of cooperation.

Source: www.unlight.org

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