There are multiple artists with the name Benighted:

1) Benighted are a French brutal death metal band that formed in 1998 in Balbigny, France. Benighted have released seven full-length albums: 2000's Benighted, 2002's Psychose, 2003's Insane Cephalic Production, 2005's Identisick, 2007's icon, 2011's Asylum Cave, and 2014's Carnivore Sublime. They are currently active and signed to Season of Mist.

2) Benighted is a symphonic US black metal band which was formed in 1999. Members included: Joseph Demoniaque - Vocals (Cernunnos (USA), Dreamscapes of the Perverse, Omniscient, A Vision Grotesque)
Dagon - Guitar
TotenGeist - Guitar
Methyric - Bass
Zacathus - Drums, Keyboards
Adina Blase - Keyboards (Acheron (USA), Lilitu, Cernunnos (USA), Blood Stained Dusk)

The band has split-up.

Harbringers of the Victorium Aeternus (2000)

3) Benighted: is a Swedish black metal band. They formed around 2001 by Aho, as he had just left Immemoreal and wanted to start something of his own, and be able to have full control of the productivity. Salle was the obvious choice of a drummer, since they had been playing together before in several death and black metal bands, and had also been friends since years back.

So far this Benighted has released two demos entitled "Heljarför" and "Avgrundshjärta".

4)Benighted: Old School Death Metal band from Sweden.

One demo-
Recorded in 26-28 February 1993.

The Master of Darkness

1. Dreamweaver
2. Crushing the Light
3. Master of Darkness
4. I Am God
5. Altar of Sacrifice

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