There are multiple artists with this name:

1. Whiplash is an American thrash metal/speed metal band. They incorporate speed and New York style thrash into their music, with thrashing guitars, hooks, driven drumming and screaming fast lyrics.

The band formed in summer 1984 when Tony Portaro and Tony Scaglione joined forces, recruited Tony Bono on bass and released their first CD, "Power and Pain", in 1985 on Roadrunner Records. The debut CD was followed up by their first live performance at Ruthie’s in Berkley, Ca with Possessed and Death Angel. Scaglione left the band for a short tour with Slayer and recommended the heavy hitting Joe Cangelosi to replace him and he became a full-time member in 1986.

The band proceeded to record the follow up CD called "Ticket To Mayhem" via Roadrunner Records in October 1987. They enlisted Glenn Hansen to take over the lead vocal position, allowing Portaro the freedom to focus strictly on guitar, and released their third album "Insult To Injury" in 1990. The release is favoured mostly by their wide fan base and the band exploited this in the next coming years.

They firstly went on extensive tours around Europe and America with many thrash artists of the time such as Artillery and Agent Steel. After this, the band released their fourth album "Cult of One" in 1996 via Massacre Records and changed their sound completely to a more groove-orientated style. This was not adopted for their 1997 release "Sit Stand Kneel Prey", which went back to their original 80's roots.

The band quickly released "Thrashback" in 1998 with guest musicians Michael Romeo and Michael Pinnella on various tracks on the album. This released was favoured by critics and fans alike. The band ventured out and toured in 2002 before departing from music.

However, the band reformed in early 2008 and the line up was dramatically changed as Rich Day took over bass with the passing of Tony Bono, and Joe Cangelosi once again returned behind the kit after a long hiatus. Portaro's ever unique guitar work and vocals are going back to the root sound of the band and the band is well on their way to releasing their highly anticipated new album "Unborn Again", set for a summer release in 2009.

2. Whiplash was a Thrash Metal band from Norway. They formed in 1987 by Dyret Haugseth (Vocals), Kjella (Guitar/Vocals), Junn Hoff (Guitar), Kaka (Bass) and Dar (Drums). They played hard-hitting thrash, with scaling thrash guitars, atmospheric vocals and lyrics with shattering drums. The band split up in 1990 just after their debut demo release "Phantasmal Force" in 1989 because of name issues.

3. Whiplash is a German Thrash Metal band. The band was formed in 2001 by Florian Claus (Vocals / Guitars), Richard Rössing - (Bass), Patrick Kunze (Guitars) and Hannes Lederer (Drums). They started work on raw 80's thrash and released their debut album "Vampires" in 2006. This was received well by the fans, and it took a different approach on normal 80's thrash style as the lyrics and production were fantastical. However, a week prior to the release, Patrick Kunze was involved in a fatal car accident. The band is, reportedly, still going in his honor and looking for a new drummer and guitarist.

4. Whiplash is an Australian heavy/thrash metal band. They formed in 1995 by Rod Breen (Vocals / Guitar), Jason Doyle (Guitar), Stuart Heckendorf (Bass) and Jason McCollum (Drums). The band played a very heavy new style of thrash in the mid-90's, releasing their self-titled album in 1996, but disbanded shortly after over musical differences.

5. Whiplash is a Thrash Metal band from El Salvador. They formed in 2000 by Carlos Melendez (Vocals/Guitar , also in Starfall), Juan Aviles (Guitar, also in Spontaneous Human Combustion, Mare Tenebrarum), Balmore Rivera (Bass, also in Earendil, Exkalibur (Slv)) and Manuel Orellana (Drums). The band took on the task of creating modern styled thrash, and was hit by the departure of bassist Balmore Rivera a few rehearsals in over the band's name. This was quickly repaired by the addition of Mario Moreno. The band released one demo in 2004 called "Metal Madness, after which they folded the band due to long distance between members.

6. Whiplash is a Scandinavian metal band. They released a series of songs throughout the early-mid 1990s.

7. Whiplash is a Thrash Metal / Crossover band from Japan. The band formed around 1995 and instantly churned out various self-released demos before compiling all into a compilation called "1995-1998", which involved 12 songs of thrash metal with a punk influence. The band later self-released "Whiplash VI" in 2003 and are reportedly still active.

8. Whiplash is a house band. They released the House track "Over Me" on Strictly Rhythm-associated label Groovilicous. It was later licensed and remixed by The Sharp Boys and put out on their label Sharp Recordings.

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