Cognitive Dissonance

There are three artists known as "Cognitive Dissonance":

1. Cognitive Dissonance is a humourous atheist/skeptic podcast -

2. Cognitive Dissonance is a Crust/Metal band from Minneapolis, MN. They aim to keep the Minneapolis DIY crust scene active while adding their own influences. Originally formed in 2005, when the members were all still in high school, they played locally and recorded a demo at Mother of All Music studios. In 2008 Travis was added on vocals and the band recorded the Omens of Doom tape and began playing around the Midwest. Unfortunately Travis left the band to move to Philly in 2009 but not before recording the Prison Under the Cross 7" which was released later that year as a split release between the band and Mundo En Kaos Records. The three original members have continued to play and tour completing the "Future Filth Death Assault" tour of the East Coast in the summer of 2010 with Securicor, and a winter tour of the South in January of 2011. The band recorded a full-length record, Into Madness, and did a summer tour to the West Coast in support of it.

Kalvin: Guitar, vocals
Will: Bass, vocals
Joe: Drums

Former Members
Travis: Vocals

3. Cognitive Dissonance is a Progressive Metal band, based out of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

Sam Gelfand: Guitar
Tyler McClain: Guitar
David James Benites: Vocals
Nick Martell: Bass Guitar
Jack Whelan: Drums

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