Crystallion is a German heavy power metal band founded in 2003 by bassist Stefan Gimpel and drummer Martin Herzinger to combine their musical passion with their inspiration from the old Templar Myth.

Musicwise the band's grandeur metal is influenced by bands like Rhapsody of Fire, Stratovarius, Helloween and Sonata Arctica. Powerful riffs and hook-lines team up with finely crafted songwriting and brilliant melodies, but their most significant mark is singer Thomas Strübler's multi-octave voice which is dividing the band from their likes.

The first album "A Dark Enchanted Crystal Night" came out in 2006 and was well received by fans and media. Germany's Rock Hard gave 8/10 points and quoted: "From songs to production to the cover everything fits here. A very well done debut for a young and promising band!"

Now Crystallion is ready to present their second album "Hattin" on Dockyard 1 in May 2008, that was recorded and produced by Seref Alexander Badir at Helion Media Studios in Munich and mastered by Rene Berthiaume (Equilibrium).

"Hattin" again is a concept album based on the Templar Myth. The Battle of Hattin took place on July 4th, 1187 and was the biggest military defeat of the crusaders. They lost large parts of the Crusader states to the Muslims, including the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

The news of the defeat in the Battle of Hattin and the loss of Jerusalem lead to the 3rd Crusade, but finally the defeat was the beginning of the end. The Christian authority in the Holy Land was forced into the defensive and the downfall couldn't be stopped anymore. With the loss of the last remaining town and the stronghold of Akkon in 1291 the "Outremer" vanished. Only the Kingdom of Cypress and Little Armenia remained under Christian authority.

Line Up:
Martin Herzinger – Drum
Florian Ramsauer – Guitar
Thomas Strübler – Vocals
Manuel Schallinger – Keys
Patrick Juhász – Guitar
Stefan Gimpl - Bass Guitar

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