There are at least three artists sharing the name Trespasser: 1) a Swedish anarchist black metal band; 2) a Cleveland hardcore band; 3) a Berlin based synthwave band.

XVI - Guitars, bass, backing vocals
Dräpar'n af Lifvsgledje - Vocals
Sun-Bear - Drums

Featuring members of Masakari, Search Bloc and others.

TRESPASSER’s sonic architecture, built upon heavy synth layers, arp drones and deranging oscillators, took shape melting down with a chronology of subversive, mind-altering sonorous incarnations and congregating into a daze of techno-ambient, post-punk and remote 8-bit glitched memories.

On stage line-up consists of its audiovisual mastermind, Yuro Chain (vocals/guitars/synths) and other alternating, diverse performers, usually August Skipper (bass- ASCETIC:,OPERANT, AGENCY) and Roma Fonschechtel (machines, fx) Knigi

Titled after one of the NSA hijaking plug-ins, CAPTIVATEDAUDIENCE is TRESPASSER's second album, a cold but still catchy series of tunes that at times can deceive as corporate advert hooks.

Shared stages over Europe with Drab Majesty, Xeno & Oaklander, ASCETIC:, Orphan Swords, Veil of Light.

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