There are several artists with the name 'Reaper':

1. Project of Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma, ex-NamNamBulu) founded on 31. December 2004 11.59 pm. Reaper. An exciting new industrial 'eargasm' set to attack the dancefloors. This Greek/Swiss project combines industrial beats with dark and eclectic samples from horror movies, gothic church choruses, orthodox Greek ceremonies and ancient celtic rituals. Industrial and menacing but also melodic and emotional. A unique new sound, song by song.

2. A Thrash Metal band formed in 2006, from Bogotá, Colombia 🇨🇴. The band members themselves have changed roles within the band many times check out:

The current members and current roles include; Douglas Alape (Drums), Christian Martinez (Vocals), Daniel Samia (Bass), Mateo Gómez (Guitars).

3. Derek Grant (Alkaline Trio) put out a free album (D. Grant meets the Reaper) in 2008. For a period of about three years he answered only to the name Reaper. his hair style changed slightly, but he still retained all of the b-movie mentality of those early days. The tapes made found their way into the hands of some older musicians who wanted to start a band, and so Dead End was born. They continued to write new material and when they could, they would borrow devices to record. Thus, documenting the rise of Reaper - through puberty and beyond

4. A heavy metal band from Germany active since 1986. They have released two albums: "Beyond All Time" (1990) and "The Years Within" (1992).

5. An old school thrash metal band from Detroit, MI. They have one known release, Cassette demo "Madness" (2006). The band is still active.

6. An Icelandic hardcore metal outfit (Styrktartónleikar fyrir

7. Finnish heavy metal / melodeath project.

8. Hungarian Starter Mc!

9. REAPER (independent artist in since 2017) is a 19-year-old LA-based artist by the name of JJ Scheff who is making sexy electronica. He left his engineering job to focus on music and to devote his time and talents to the art.

“At the time I was working an Assistant Engineer under a mentor of mine. This was the first time I was singing on my own production. There was this intense gratification in finishing a track that I had written, performed and produced. For the first time, it actually felt like I was adding value to the arts; my own perspective embodied within the music. Next thing I knew I was three tracks into what would inevitably become the “REAPER EP.” I left the engineering job and began working full time on bringing the project to fruition,” he said.

REAPER is what the Beach Boys would sound like if they were born in the 90s and grew to make music in the 21st century.

10. Shrouded in mystery, the REAPER project is one of the most exciting acts to burst onto the dance music scene in years. Their sound can be described as chaotic, transcendent, and evil. The drum and bass influence coupled with modern sound design illustrates a dark, aggressive picture of what bass music can evolve into. Long has there been a divide between drum and bass and dubstep fans - that is over. REAPER is the voice of the future, the culmination of over two decades of bass. The journey has only begun, but the impact is already evident. The RAPTURE EP is a portal to the new era, and REAPER is leading the charge. REAPER is America’s gateway to drum and bass.

11. REAPER are a thrash dad rock band from Liverpool, UK. They pride themselves on their progressive thrash elements and their haha funny beep memes. Their latest release "Stranger Than Fiction" is available on all streaming platforms!


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