There are at least six artists named Deathcult (not to be confused with Death Cult).
1) Black metal band from Bergen, Norway formed in 2006.
After releasing a demo, Cruel Rehearsals in 2006, their debut album Cult of the Dragon was released on 07.07.07 by Dark Essence Records. They recorded a second demo in 2012, Obscene Sessions, released in April 2014 on Edged Circle Productions, who also re-issued their first demo as a cassette at the same time.
Helvetesprins Herr Ekkel (aka Skagg) - Vocals, Guitars (Gaahlskagg, Infernal Manes, Sigfader)
Ulvhedin Hoest - Backing vocals, Guitars (Taake) - currently Bass only.
Thurzur: drums (Gaahlskagg, Infernal Manes, Sigfader, Taake(live))
Meistermann - Bass
Vrangsinn - Bass

2) Death metal band from Zürich, Switzerland formed in 2010. Released Demo '12 in Nov. 2012 on Invictus Productions. Pleading for Death... Choking on Life EP was released in Feb. 2014 by Me Saco Un Ojo records.
Deathcult Deathnoise Maniacs:
O. Ketzer (Bölzer, Witchrist) - Vocals, Guitars
M. Goathammer - Drums
P. Nekros - Guitars
D. Virgin Killer (died 2013) - Bass

3) Black metal band from Zwickau, Germany formed in 1999. Released a demo ...and Heaven Spits Blood and a split with Katharsis 'Trident Trinity' both in 1999. Split-up in 2000.
Drakh - Vocals, Bass (Katharsis)
Scorn - Guitars (Katharsis)
M.K. - Drums (Katharsis)

4) Death metal band from Los Angeles, California USA formed in 1989. Their first official demo Devoured In Holyness was released in 1991 by Necrolatry followed by another demo Sodomy/Repulsive In My Ways released in 1993 on CD by Wild Rags records. There also exists a rehearsal tape from 1990 called Death Reigns On This Earth. Went on hold in 1993, until their debut album The Living, The Dying and The Damned which was self-released in March 2009. They are still active, with all the original members.
S. Damian - Guitars, Vocals
Juan Gomez - Drums
Gustavo Garcia - Bass
Oliver DeLeon - Guitars

5) Blackened thrash metal artist from Chicago, Illinois USA started in 2011. Self-released a 2 track demo called simply Demo in 2011. The debut album The Test of Time was released in Jan. 2013 as a CD by Do Or Die records and as a tape cassette in March 2013 by Caligari records.
Tim Pearson - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums

6) Black metal band from Saarbrücken, Germany. Their only demo, Dark Fucking Age 666 was released in 1994. Split-up.
Janus Blutaar - Guitars, Bass
Boris Kronser - Vocals (Session)
Alex Kaufmann - Drums (Session)

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