The Beginning

The band officially started in early 2005 as a two-man studio project with Stia & Null. Although the first official release was the CD-R demo 'A Curse Of Old' in January, there are many recordings that precede it from as far as 2002. These songs were too inconsistent in style and quality to be released in a demo format, but some tracks might see the light of day after some remastering.

What genre?

The essence of NORNIR's music lies in combining folkmusic with various metal genres. The early days of groups like Borknagar, Old Man's Child and Ulver have served as inspiration, but the band has striven to create a style similar to none. Still, most people tend to classify NORNIR as pagan or viking metal.

What does "Nornir" mean?

The Nornir are the three witches from old norwegian mythology, who weave the tapestry of fate by the worldtree Yggdrasil. Each person's life is a string in their loom, and the length of a string is the length of the person's life.
Although there are references to norse mythology on earlier Nornir demos, newer lyrics are set in entirely fictional realms.

Past to present

Three demos were recorded in 2005 and a lot of full downloads were available online for the whole year. These demos were:
2005-01 - A Curse Of Old
2005-04 - Wyrm
2005-07 - Hallowfrost

The songs reached a lot of people with our server being constantly on the verge of shutdown because of bandwidth limits. Feedback was generally very positive. The printing and selling of CD-R demos was never a priority, as the internet provided a faster way of distribution. There are maybe one hundred jewelcase demos around. There are currently no more CD-R demos available.

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