Noise is the name of more than one artist:

1) 4'33'' lemniscate ∞...

2) NOISE was formed in 2001 by twin brothers Einar Vilberg & Stefan Vilberg.

- In 2003, noise released their debut album "Pretty Ugly". One of the songs: "Paranoid Parasite" became a hit on the local radio stations.

- NOISE released their second album; "Wicked" in 2006. Wicked signaled some significant changes for the band, being a subtle departure from the previous one. The album got great reviews.

- During 2008-2009 in addition to touring the U.K & Europe, noise started working on their 3rd album "DIVIDED".

DIVIDED was recorded in Iceland & U.K, mixed by Jolyon Thomas at Earth Terminal Studios U.K & mastered in L.A.

- The 1st single off the album "A Stab In The Dark" has been hugely successful in Iceland since it´s release in September 2010. The song was picked as one of the top 10 songs of 2010 at DIVIDED was also placed among the top 10 albums of the year.

- noise have received fantastic reviews for their live shows, by journalists from magazines like Rolling Stone & The Iceland Grapevine.

-noise are currently putting the final touches on their 4th LP; "NOISE Unplugged" which is set for release in early 2014.

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3) Noise is punk rock band from Skopje,Macedonia.Formed in 2007.
-Aleksandar Drenkovski (Bass,Vocals)
-Mihail Namicev ( Lead Guitar,Backing Vocals)
-Stefan Petrovski (Vocals)
-Gorjan Stojmenovski (Guitar,Backing Vocals)
-Aleksandar Petkov (Drums)

4) NOISE - One of the bands of Brasilian noisecore scene. Been playing for at least dozen of years and remained 100% underground and uncommercial. Most of the recordings are only available from the band, and not for sale. Even the records such as "Edge of Painful Sensation" comp. LP where Noise was involves, was pressed c. 200 copies and included statement that it should not be sold for money. Only obtained via trades. 3 member line-up produces dirty rehearsal sounding, yet well audible noisecore with very fast drums and aggressive vocals. I would assume band is still alive since there is some Noise recordings being released during this year.

"No to bases treauty" demo 93
split tape with MAYHEM DECAY CUDGEL -split tape
split 7" with Industrial Holocaust
split LP with Industrial Holocaust

5) There is also a band from Japan called noise
Reiko Kudo (工藤礼子) is the partner of Tori Kudo of the Japanese underground music group Maher Shalal Hash Baz. In the late seventies and early eighties, while still known under her maiden name of Reiko Omura, she led a unit called Noise. Noise played in Tokyo underground venues like Minor (alongside groups like Fushitsusha and Kousokuya), and released one album, Tenno. As well as often singing with and writing songs for Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Reiko is an accomplished musician in her own right, having created several albums of limpid, lucid observation and an exceedingly fragile sense of melody

6) Peruvian synth pop

7) Noise: 1979-1981
From Perstorp, Sweden
Power Pop
1979 - Inget Ljus EP
1980 - Stopp! SP
1981 - Små Röda, Lätta Regndroppar LP
Klippan komplett (79-81) - Compilation

Various Artists:
1979 - Svensk Pop LP

Mats Skoog
Kristian Ask
Allan Knudsen
Fredrik Ghost
Jan Pettersson
Gey Skoog

8) Turkish Rapper Noise.

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