Krypts are a death metal band from Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland, formed in autumn 2008.

From the ruins of an old band, Otso and Antti decided to reanimate their idea of making a death metal band. In autumn 2008, after changing some ideas and digging up some old riffs, Krypts was born. A few songs were finished and the band started to look for a guitarist. Ville, an old friend of theirs, seemed like a good choice. After few months of rotting in the practice place, the recording of their first demo begun. Open the Crypt demo was released the first of June 2009, followed by the Krypts in 2011, Unending Degradation LP in 2013, Remnants of Expansion LP in 2016 and Cadaver Circulation LP in 2019.

Ville Snicker - Guitars
Otso Ukkonen - Drums
Antti Kotiranta - Bass and Vocals
J. Lilja - Guitars



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