The idea to start a Motorhead tribute band caught fire back in 1996. The 3 bastards Pez, Abbath (Immortal) and Tore were having a drinking session at Pez's place when they started a discussion about Motörhead.

They were wathching old Motörhead videos, drank lots of beer and listened to more Motörhead. Everybody were musicians from the hard side of music: Abbath being known as front man of one of the most successful black metal bands ever,namely Immortal. Pez being a dirty old school punk drummer in Punishment Park and J.E.F. and Tore being the original guitarist of legendary death metal band Old Funeral and a total rock n roller.

A perfect unit for a dirty old school Motörhead tribute band.

First rehearsals took place in June 1996. The first gig took place the 15th of March 1997 at Garage in Bergen after Motörhead had played in Teatergarasjen. This gig Grutle from Enslaved was stepping in for Abbath as he was busy with Immortal. All the members from Motörhead came to see the tribute show and the place was packed. Lemmy and Mickey Dee ran off with some chicks,but Phil Campell stayed up partying with the guys from Bombers 'till 5 in the morning.

In early 1998 Abbath had the time again to play a dozen of shows with Bombers. A gig at Garage 20 nov. 1998 was recorded and burnt onto 75 CD-Rs. The Cd was called "Kicked ass At Garage, Allright!!". Only 75 copies exist with colour cover. Abbath stayed until late 2000 when his main band Immortal had too heavy sceduling to leave time for Bombers. Tore then asked Morrigan from the death metal band Aeternus to play the bass as they had lot of gigs coming up and didn't have time to wait for Abbath.Tore then took over the vocals as well as playing guitar.

With this line up the band was asked to play on the 10th anniversary Vinylmania record Fair in their hometown Bergen. There had never been a live band at the record fair before and the organizer felt Bombers summed up everything that had to do with rock n roll. The gig was recorded, and 4 tracks were pressed on a 7" vinyl EP in 350 copies. These copies were give out free to the ticketholders as a treat for keepng vinyl collecting alive. It was called "Bombers hit Vinylmania, allright".

And of course Bombers played free of charge.

Morrigan played her last show with Bombers In Vestnes at a bikers' party august 2003. Abbath's main band Immortal had called it a day in July 2003 and thus he had more free time. He needed not be asked more than once when asked to join again. The first gig with Abbath after the break took place at Stavanger Punkrock festival 29th of April 2004. It was a total sucess and the spirit of the original 3 bastards was reeking of hunger for rock n roll.

Bombers are today stronger than ever and leave no heads unturned wherever they play. Bombers are genuine Motörheadbangers and true believers of rock n roll! They are on a mission:To keep the Motörhead spirit alive wherever they go.And It ain't no hope in hell! Nothing's gonna bring them down!

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