Sobchack is an Electronic music producer also known as Dj Pug.
Known for playing different styles electronic music as Industrial, Noise, BreakCore, Hardcore, Hard Step, Electro, Techno, Drum 'n' Bass.
Played for collective DezaKore 6-tem, in gigs like Ososphere, Seppuku, Parasit, Anxiogene, Oscillator and other Rave and big free parties in 90s and 00s.
Release a few self produced mix as well as mixes and tracks for YB70 and Uwe labels.
Multi-instrument player (Guitar, Bass, Synths, Audio Programming, Djing, ...) he also drives other projects as "Radiations" (Psyche-Kraut-Prog Rock under Boundless Recorders label), "Sobchack" (Noise-Break-Hard Electro under YB70 and Boundless Recorders), "The Analog Bouncer" (Electro, Techno under Boundless Recorders). More

DJ Pug, Radiations, The Analog Bouncer

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Vocals: Rolf Gwerder
Guitar: Daniel Inderbitzin
Guitar: Urs Schmidig
Bass: Jörg Gwerder
Drums: Hugo Schelbert


Gründungsjahr: 2012
Status: Aktiv

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