There are multiple artists with this name:

1) Obliteration were spawned in Kolbotn (the hometown of Darkthrone), in 2001, and after some line-up changes, punk-style dabbling and experimentation with two bass players at the same time, it soon became clear that Death Metal was to be their future.

After releasing a demo in 2004, the young men got a great response from the Norwegian underground metal scene resulting in a vital gig at the high-profile Inferno festival in 2005, and pretty soon after, the 7" EP "Total Fucking Obliteration" was released on Duplicate Records/SoU. More gigs soon followed with bands like Aura Noir, Old and Dismember.

Obliteration recorded some rehearsal demos immediately after their Hole in the Sky festival appearance in mid-2006 (with Morbid Angel, Atheist, Celtic Frost and more) that led to their first record deal, when Nocturno Culto of Darkthrone signed them to his prestigious label Tyrant Syndicate, a sub-label of Peaceville Records, after being mightily impressed with what he was hearing.

In January 2007 the band entered Subsonic Society Studio with Lars Klokkerhaug (who has recorded/produced the likes of Enslaved, Darkthrone) to record this, their debut album "Perpetual Decay", a slab of brutal metal done the way it should be.

Obliteration’s death metal-riffing continued with "Nekropsalms" in 2009, released by the prestigious Norwegian underground label Fysisk Format, resulting in great reviews and the death metal onslaught touring throughout the country.

2) Obliteration is a hardcore punk band from Massachusetts, USA. Featuring (ex-)members of Mind Eraser and Knife Fight. Released a self titled ep in 2008.

3) Obliteration started as Disgorge in Germany and soon after changed their name to Obliteration in 1995 and split up in early 2006. However, a split cd with Fleshripper (Ger) containing the old demos was released by Suffer Productions during the summer of 2006.

4) Obliteration was a christian death metal band from Oklahoma City, that dominated the underground christian metal scene in OKC and the southwest region of the U.S. in the late 90's.

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