Mnemocide was established in 2017 by five metalheads from Basel, Switzerland. The quintet
shapes its own vision of pounding, groovy death metal.
In addition to solo gigs, the band has also took the opportunity to perform live at several festivals
such as the BScene Basel, Freak Out Festival (Dust Bolt, Total Annihilation) Headbanger's Ball
(Debauchery, Sear Bliss, Requiem), Meh Suff Winter Festival (Paradise Lost, Dismember, Grave)
and attract interested audiences with its intense and energetic performance.
After the EP "Debris" (2018), Mnemocide have released in spring 2020 their first album "Feeding
The Vultures", which was recorded near Freiburg (DE) in the Iguana Studios under the
experienced direction of producer Christoph Brandes (The Spirit, Unlight, Thron, Necrophagist,
Finsterforst et al.)

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