Böhse Onkelz

Böhse Onkelz is a popular german rock group. It was founded in 1980 in a town called Hösbach near Frankfurt, Germany. Böhse Onkelz started their career into the Oi! and Skinhead movement and went through a drift to the political right-wing and nationalist. Around that time they wrote controversial songs like Türken raus ("Turks out").

Their debut album Der nette Mann (1984) was forbidden by German law till 2005 (20 years) because of its alleged violence-glorifying and sexist content, meaning that you weren't allowed to buy or sell it anymore, neither were they allowed to perform any of the songs on the album.

In the middle of the 80's, Böhse Onkelz left the skinhead scene. However, critics argue, that they just left the scene to gain popularity in the non-right-winged fanbase and still believe in their neonazi-ideals.

By releasing more and more albums they built up a respectable fan community. Their last album got the significant name Adios and they finally ended their career after 25 years on the Lausitzring-Festival in 2005 - In front of more than 120.000 fans. Without any promotion, the tickets were sold out after 22 days. Special guests performing were: Motorhead, Machine Head, J.B.O., In Extremo, Psychopunch, Children of Bodom and Pro-Pain.

According to Machine Head singer Robert Flynn, "Every person knew every lyric, and pointed the words right back at them in perfect sync. Literally a sea of more than 100,000 would raise their arms and point along with the words, and then when the lyrics stopped they’d all go back down."

In early 2014 the band announced their reunion for at least one concert later that year on Hockenheimring. After the concert was sold out in under 2 hours they announced a second concert that will be held just one day after the first.

The band members are:
Kevin Russell (lead vocals)
Matthias "Gonzo" Röhr (guitar)
Stephan Weidner (bass guitar, guitar, vocals, keys)
Peter "Pe" Schorowsky (drums)

Official site: www.onkelz.de

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