In late 2004, Tobias Weinreich (Bass), Sebastian Scherrer (Keyboards), Marco Schomas (Vocals) and Simon Schillinger (Guitar) founded Finsterforst.

They were still seeking more members however, so instead concentrated purely on songwriting. As a result, they created many songs without being able to perform them until later on.

In spring 2005 the band decided to introduce an accordion player (Johannes Joseph) into the mix, a choice which has helped to shape their unique sound. Later, in May of the same year, the band finally began to practice their songs; but still lacked both a drummer and a rhythm guitarist.

In October 2005, the rhythm guitarist David Schuldis became a part of Finsterforst. The band then entered the studios two months later to record their a 3 track EP, "Wiege der Finsternis."

After signing to Worldchaos Production in December 2006, they released their first LP "Weltenkraft" in July 2007.


2006 - Wiege der Finsternis (Cradle of Darkness; EP)
2007 - Weltenkraft (World Power)
2009 - ...zum Tode hin (…Towards Death)
2010 - Urwerk (re-release of the band's first album and EP with a bonus track)
2012 - Rastlos (Restless)
2015 - Mach dich frei (Set Yourself Free)
2016 - #YØLØ (EP)
2019 - Zerfall (Disintegration)

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