Gutslit came to life with 4 like headed musicians, Dynell Bangera, Gurdip Singh Narang, Nikhil Allug and Rajiv George who wanted to make nothing but the Most Sickest, Torture Depicting, Brain Smashing, Organ Rupturing music ever.

The band started in November 2007.

After a few tracks, The Band had to part ways with one of the founding member and drummer of the band. With lack of talented drummers in India, They decided to use Programmed drums and go ahead with the massacre.

With a few Live shows and taking India by surprise, they spread their sickness to Like headed music freaks and many alike.

In 2009, the band joined forces with French Grind Veterans, Pulmonary Fibrosis and released a Two way EP under Cataleptic Remains Productions by the name: Contorted Mutilation; Being reviewed as the
Sickest Music ever from the Indian Subcontinent Till Date.

The band soon found talent in the forms of a Drummer, Abhishek Nandi who later joined the band as a Member.

Live shows with a live drummer saw many Headbreaking and Blood Dripping Moshs in India and Abroad.
Playing at SickChainsaws at Bangkok with Putrid Pile (USA), Lacerate (Thailand), Intricated (Thailand) and Calamatous (Thailand) in March 2010 the band set a new high for Indian bands in the Asian subcontinent.

The band members got actively involved in the Indian scene and organized one of the most sickest shows promoting Indian metal bands and providing them with a well deserved stage by hosting their own fest by the name: "MeatFeast".

In the end of 2010, the band decided to part ways with the Vocalist due to some personal issues and soon in January 2011, Gutslit recruited Aditya Barve as the new Front Man of Gutslit.

Current Line up:

Aditya Barve - Vocals
Dynell Bangera - Guitars
Abhishek Nandi - Drums
Gurdip Singh Narang - Bass

Official Page:

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