Batushka is a Church Slavonic-speaking Polish black metal band. Pronounced "Batyushka", the band's Cyrillic name Батюшка means "father" and is used to address an Eastern Orthodox priest. Their live line-up contains 8 members. Their songs contain lines of liturgical chanting paired with black metal instrumentation.

The current status of who controls the band is unclear and in legal dispute. In December 2018, both Христофор and Варфоломей claimed they kicked the other one out of Batushka and decided to continue the band separately. For now, there are two versions of the band: Христофор's Батюшка and Варфоломей's Batushka.

Based on the Judgement of the District Court Warsaw decision from May 29, 2024 at a non-public hearing in the case of Krzysztof Drabikowski (known as Христофор) v. Bartłomiej Krysiuk (known as Варфоломей) for the protection of personal rights in the field of advertising or promotion, for the protection of copyright, and in the case of a counterclaim by Bartłomiej Krysiuk v. Krzysztof Drabikowski for the protection of personal rights in the field of advertising or promotion, prevention and combating unfair competition, for infringement of the right to registration of a European Union trademark, the court ruled in the main claim prohibits Bartłomiej Krysiuk, without the consent of Krzysztof Drabikowski from using the name 'Batushka or Батюшка' in his musical activities including marking with this name musical recordings and audiovisual recordings containing musical recordings; Prohibits the defendant Bartłomiej Krysiuk from disseminating information that he has exclusive rights to the name 'Batushka or Батюшка', and that Krzysztof Drabikowski does not have rights to this name.

In spite of claims by others that they may be blasphemous and anti-Christian, the band is ambiguous about whether they are genuinely religious or not. The band "leaves its audience to decide what it is - black or unblack."

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