There are multiple artists known as ArVaS

(1) Black Metal band from Bergen

Arvas have been around for some years, but previously to the upcoming debut album, only demos have been released. Even though Arvas is a ”new” band in the Metal scene, the band members are not. The band currently consists of two full time members: V-Rex and Fordervelse.Both have been in the scene for over 20 years and are very experienced musicians. For a full biography of the band and its members, please read the timeline below.



-V-Rex plays in lots of local bands in Bergen with several later to be "famous" musicians and bands in the Norwegian Black Metal scene.

-Fordervelse also plays in local bands in his hometown of Drammen through this years.


-V-Rex have played in Aeternus for some time, but is fired due to personal issues and musical differences and decides to start up his own musical project. He names it Örth.

-After a couple of quick visits in some local Black Metal bands, Fordervelse is tired of playing music due to his personal issues, and he calls it a day.


-During this summer, Erik "Grim" Brødreskift joines Örth on the drums, and V-Rex former band mate in Aeternus, Ares joins in on bass. Both these two was at this point x-members of Gorgoroth, Borknagar and Immortal.

-The following winter the threesome record an album at Grieghallen studios with Pytten as producer.


-The album entitled "Nocturno Inferno" is never officially released, but is distributed by the band themselves and receive positive critics among the fans in the underground scene.

-Fordervelse decides to pick up the drum sticks again. He jams and plays with friends the coming years, among them his old friend Erik "Tyr" Tiwaz ( later Borknagar, ex-Emperor and Satyricon).


-V-Rex spends this year in jail for assault and battery when he stabbed a person with a knife outside the Garage club in Bergen.


-Grim tragically commits suicide and V-Rex decides to split up Örth.

-Fordervelse at this time, joines Oslo based experimental band Zeenon.


-V-Rex plays in various local bands in Bergen, among them, Frozen Cries.


-V-Rex decides to continue his own project, but renames it Arvas and a demo named ’Countless Souls At Dawn’ is recorded and presented to friends, labels and some fanzines and receives positive critics. Offers for live performances comes in, but is impossible since Arvas at that time is a one-man project.


-Fordervelse at this time, joines newly formed band Koldbrann in his hometown Drammen, which will record and tour a lot all over Europe the coming years. He quits Zeenon to fully concentrate on Koldbrann.


-Frozen Cries plays a concert at Garage in Bergen and V-Rex meets his future band mate Fordervelse, for the first time as Koldbrann plays support for Frozen Cries.

-Another Arvas demo called "I am Thy Grief" is released.


-V-Rex continues to develop his musical ideas and produce demos. Alongside this, he plays drums for various local bands.


-V-Rex is occupied with personal issues and takes a break from music.


-V-Rex is back and decides to put all his energy into his band for the last time. He signs a deal with Mexican label Azermedoth. They distribute albums around the world and helps a little on promotion for their bands.

-V-Rex decides to take Arvas live and contact Fordervelse to ask if he is willing to be a live drummer for Arvas, mainly because they have the same personality and he likes his drumming on the first Koldbrann album. They meet at the Hole in The Sky Festival in Bergen to further discuss the issue.


-A split album with Hordagaard is released through Azermedoth records.

-Arvas do their first concert ever, at Hinsides in Bergen, with live musicians Aindiachai on guitar and Hexzaldre on bass. Both quits shortly after. Aindiachai mainly to focus on his obligations with Taake.

-V-Rex makes at this time Fordervelse a full time member of Arvas and they decide to pick out all the best Arvas tracks and re-record them for a full length album.

-Fordervelse gets fired from Koldbrann due to his personal issues. He takes a break from music throughout the summer, but decides to continue with music and make Arvas his main priority. They get together and start making plans for the album, but the album gets delayed due to Fordervelse’s personal issues.

-V-Rex travels to eastern Norway and they record the album at the studio in the barn on Fordervelse's farm.

-Arvas plays a concert in Arendal Norway with two new session musicians. Tivillius on bass and LB on the guitar.

-The rest of the autumn is spend mixing the album and it's entitled "Blessed From Below- Ad Sathanas Noctum" and until a proper label is found, they decide to release a limited press themselves in time for the release concert in Bergen on December 11.


-Arvas is now a band in the true sense of the word and will start playing live as much as possible. V-Rex and Fordervelse are willing to lay all their effort into the band and give everything they have! be continued...

(2) ArVaS (Artem Vasicneko) is a german artist who created his own genre.
His music is a mix of techno, house and electronica.
It is difficult to discribe what makes his music that special but just listen to it and you'll see this boy has talent!
2006 he started publishing his tracks.
Later (at 15 years of age) he became known as DJ ArVaS.

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