Harakiri For The Sky

Harakiri for the Sky is a post-black-metal act formed in Salzburg and Vienna in 2011 by vocalist J.J. (Michael, formerly known as "V. Wahntraum") and multi-instrumentalist Matthias "M.S." Sollak, formerly known as "Sollo" of black metal band act Bifröst. They have released four studio albums: Harakiri for the Sky (2012), Aokigahara (2014), III: Trauma (2016) and Arson (2018) via German record label Art of Propaganda. Braiding together the most raw elements of black metal with subtle touches of light and beauty, melodic black metal with post-rock parts.

The band toured alongside Der Weg einer Freiheit and the Great Old Ones in March, 2016 and played Summer Breeze Open Air later that year. For live performances, J.J. and M.S. are joined by bassist Thomas Dornig, drummer Mischa Bruemmer and guitarist Marrok. In 2017 they were nominated for the "Hard & Heavy" category of the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards.

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