In Norwegian and Swedish, varg means wolf. There are multiple artists using this name:

1) Varg (now operating as Varg2™), an electronic music producer (himself with a background in black metal), is stacking releases at a steady pace, mostly on Abdulla Rashim's Swedish Northern Electronics and on Copenhagen's Posh Isolation. His ever-expanding roster of collaborators includes amongst others Damien Dubrovnik's Christian Stadsgaard and Loke Rahbek, Swedish rappers Yung Lean, Bladee, and Ecco2k, AnnaMelina, Coil's Drew McDowall and Alessandro Cortini.
Aside from his work as Varg, he is well known for his duos Ulwhednar and D.Å.R.F.D.H.S., with Abdulla Rashim and Michel Isorrine respectively. He also took part in Posh Isolation's supergroup Body Sculptures with Loke Rahbek, Frederikke Hoffmeier (a.k.a. Puce Mary), Erik Enocksson and Ossian Ohlsson (a.k.a. Vit Fana).

2) Varg is a pagan metal band, founded in Coburg, Germany in 2005. Their lyrical themes include Germanics and Germanic paganism.

3) Varg was also a black metal band from Freiburg, Germany. The band was founded in 2004 and split up after a demo in the same year. The last known line-up was: Johannes - vocals; Evgenij - guitar; Stefan - guitar; Hans - drums; Dominic - bass

4) Varg is a Norwegian rock band from Kvinesdal. They released their debut album "Proud to Be a Wanker" in 2009. Their guitar player Stålull is also a member of the comedy rock band Luxus Leverpostei.

5) Varg is a folk pop band from Sweden, founded in 2012. The band consist of Sandra Karlsson (vocals, guitars), Linnea Talp (vocals, cello, keys), Max Häggberg (drums, vocals) and Julia Ringdahl (keys, percussion, vocals). In 2012 they released Varg EP and in 2014 their debut album Embroidery, through the independent Swedish label Jämmerdosa. Website:

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