There is more than one band named Malevolence:

1) A groove metal/metalcore band from Sheffield, England.
2) A New Zealand death metal/grindcore band formed in 1992.
3) A Portuguese black/death metal band from Leiria.
4) A Canadian thrash/death metal band formed in 1990.
5) A Dutch deathcore band formed in 2006.
6) A hardcore/metal outfit from Pittsburgh, PA

1) Sheffield Shred

2) Malevolence is one of New Zealand’s longest standing purveyors of Metal and Grind. Formed in 1992, Malevolence quickly released Mortum Ad Nausea and Fuck The Lord, both of which achieved international circulation through underground tape trading networks. The band continued to gain momentum by winning the “Hard, Fast and Heavy” category in the 1996 Hatching Battle of the Bands... In April 2007 Malevolence toured Australia following the release of "Eyes To See..." and are planning to go further afield in the next 12 months For more information, see their website:

3) Born in 1994 with some doom metal influences, the Portuguese band started by recording a demo called "Pleasure of Molestation" (1994) followed by two Full-length albuns, "Dominium" (1996) and "Martyrialized" (1999). Their latest release was the EP "Celebration of Dysfunctional Becoming" (2005). The current line-up features Karlos Kariano (vocals and guitars),Mikael (guitars), Joel (drums), Paulo Pereira (keyboards guest musician) and Aires Pereira (Bass) that is also a Moonspell live member! Links to Malevolence: and

4) See


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