There are many bands with the same name:

1) Vendetta is a hardcore band from Sofia, Bulgaria. They took part on few split CD's - one with Last Hope and Skinflick, one with Outrage and one with Born From Pain. Their début album:
"Amici Dei, Inemici Mundi" or "Friends Of God, Enemies Of The World", translated from Latin, recieved very positive reviews throughout the world and is regarded as one of the best European Hardcore records ever done. The band has disbanded in 2007, starting a new project, called ADIM. In late 2009, Vendetta reunited and recorded the album "Време Разделно" ("Time of Violence", after Anton Donchev's novel). In 2013 they released a new EP called "The Monster EP" and another 6-track split with Last Hope, called Sofia Hardcore.

2) Vendetta is a German thrash metal band formed 1985 in Schweinfurt, Bavaria. They released two classic thrash metal albums, "Go and Live ... Stay And Die" in 1987 and "Brain Damage" in 1988 before splitting up in the early 1990's. The band re-united in 2002 and released an album in 2007.

4) Vendetta is a Hardcore Straight Edge Vegan band from Brazil.

5) Vendetta is a neo-nazi, rac, hatecore band from Hungary.

6) Vendetta is also a grunge band from Montevideo, Uruguay. They are about to release their first album.

7) Vendetta is a hardcore punk band from Italy!

8) Vendetta is a speed / thrash metal group from Finland. They released mini-album "Search in the Darkness" in 1986 being the 1st speed metal band from Finland.

9) Vendetta from Australia (since 1996)

8) Vendetta was an underground rap group from Kharkiv, Ukraine formed by MC Umbrella (Зонт) and Tony-Gun (Тони Пистолет) in 2006. The band rapped in Russian with some traditional Ukrainian music influences in their earlier albums. Their lyrical content was influenced by street and drug culture with a negative view on the police. Vendetta disbanded in 2013.

10) Vendetta from UK, featuring Edward Box.

11) A death/thrash band from San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

12) Vendetta is also a hardcore metal group from Livonia, Michigan. Started by Zack P. and Alex C in 1998. Vendetta is a big influence in the underground scene in the Detroit area.

13) Vendetta is hardcore/thrash band from Columbia

14) ANOTHER Vendetta, a hardcore band from Oxnard, Ca.
(from their myspace page)
"Our first show was December 4th, 2002 with In Control and Terror at the Ojai Womens Center. Since then we've had the opportunity to play all over with all the greatest bands in Hardcore... We have just finished recording a new record (7 new songs...) with our friend Roger Camero (The Warriors/ No Motiv) and if all goes well should be releasing it in May 2007 on New View Records". (

15) Vendetta is also a Slovakian hip-hop group

16) Vendetta is a four-piece hardcore / metalcore band from Rīga, Latvia.

17) Vendetta is also a progressive metalcore band from Surabaya, Indonesia. The leader is Febri Putra(bass/vokills)

18) Vendetta is also a death/metalcore band from Jakarta, Indonesia. The leader is Prisa Adinda(guitar)

19) Vendetta is a ska punk band from Navarra, Spain

20) Vendetta is a hard rock band from Detroit, Michigan, USA, that was formed in 1980. The band split up in 1983. After the split, Niki Buzz formed M-80.

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