Gründungsjahr: 2009
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Genre(s): Heavy Metal | Progressive Metal | Rock / Hardrock
  • Basel-Stadt
  • Bern
Aktuelle Bandmitglieder:

Remo Häberli - guitars & vocals

Patrick Häberli - guitars & vocals

Isabelle Ryser - bass

Lüku Bleuer - guitars, synth, mandola and more

Mike Liechti - drums

Sometimes it takes some time until a collaboration finally comes to life, and this band is one such example. PHBB is the headwork and brainchild of two brothers - the result is a concept album on the fatality and fate of mankind, offering a very own mix of contemporary progressive music: throwing hardcore-heavy riffs, growls, clean vocals, accoustic mellow moments and electronic elements into a big blender and putting the bits back together.

«Yeah, it took us a while to have the band formed with three other musicians after having gone seperate musical ways for 10 or so years», says Remo, the older of the two brothers. «But it was great to finally team up by forming a band to see the musical ideas we've collected over the years alive and brea-thing already. We've all played in other bands before and some of us even together - but couldn't play this kind of music in the bands we played before. So it was a long process, but to see the original ideas complemented with and by other dedicated musicians is just great». At first glance, it might seem a bit strange that it took the brothers almost 23 years of having common musical grounds and similar affecta-tions to finally unite musically. «That is true, but haste makes waste, haha. I don't know, it's something natural to us. We've gone seperate ways after out teenage years but found back together with around 25 now - both in the mood to write a certain kind of music that me personally could only do with my brother. So I think it's all for the better», Patrick adds. The con-cept of the album is on the evo-lution of mankind and beyond: «It's a bit more abstract of course and hard to put in a nutshell. But we wanted to kind of sketch this process and see where it goes - it's also where our band name comes from: are we, by destro-ying our planet, leading it into a second big terminating bang?» The result is an album musically inspired by bands as various as Pain of Salvation and The Used. Tbut it's in fact the influences of hardcore drummer Mischa Kästli (Art of Phobia), educated jazz guitarist Lukas Bleuer and bassist Isabelle Ryser that add the elements that make PostHuman-BigBang's music stand on its own solid feet.


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