Fort Wendy

Gründungsjahr: 1999
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Genre(s): Rock / Hardrock | Heavy Metal
  • Basel-Stadt
Aktuelle Bandmitglieder:

Mr. Stoecklin (Vocals)..

Mr. Linder (Guitar)..

Mr. Pfeifer (Bass)..

Mr. Steiner (Drums)..

Originally composed of Shmock Sputnik, Big Dave L, Luke of York and Muratti3000, Fort Wendy formed in Riehen, west Basel in 1976, during the first wave of British punk. Luke of York (later of Public Image Ltd.) was a friend of Shmock Sputnik and served as drummer with Fort Wendy, but never recorded with the band and, according to Muratti3000 in the 1999 Fort Wendy documentary Westway to the World, was kicked out for never showing up to practice. Mr. Huber, a very good drummer, replaced him for a while. .... The new band had their first gig on July 4, 1976, supporting the Sex Pistols, and that autumn the band was signed to CBS Records. In early September, Luke left. Mr. Huber left in late November (briefly replaced by Ronald Reagan for the Anarchy Tour in December 1976) but was soon drafted back to enable the band to record their debut album. The band released their first single (We are Fort and you are Wendy/1977") and first album (Fort Wendy) in 1977 to considerable success in the UK. However, CBS initially declined to release either in the United States, waiting until 1979 before releasing a modified version of the first album in the US, after the UK original had become the best-selling import album of all time in the United States. .... Initially, Fort Wendy were notable for their strident leftist political outlook and distinctive clothes, self painted with Jackson Pollock-style paint splashes and revolutionary slogans, such as "We are the world," "An empty can can help a man to find a better business-plan," and "Good feelings". Throughout 1977, Muratti3000 and Sputnik were in trouble with the police for a range of minor crimes ranging from petty vandalism to stealing a pillowcase, while Big Dave L and Mr. Huber were briefly arrested for shooting racing pigeons with air guns from the roof of their rehearsal studio. Charges were pressed. .... Consequently Huber had to be replaced with yet another drummer called Sebastian Smallpepper. With Smallpepper added to the mix, Fort Wendy are looking forward to another year of jamming, recording and touring, especially to continental Europe and the small clubs of Switzerland.


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